Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair

It's almost the holidays! Your hair will probably be the deciding factor at several upcoming holiday parties, so how will you wear it? Well, don't worry! 

This holiday season, impress at every event with these hairstyles for curly hair. If you don't have naturally curly hair, you'll want to break out the hot rollers or curling iron to recreate these cute Christmas party hairstyles. These looks are festive for any event—day or night. We've found curly up-dos, half-up-dos, and 'dos with braids, twists, and accessories. Simple touches like a bit of sparkle, an effortless bun, and perfectly placed pins go a long way in elevating your haircut to a style worthy of holiday celebrations. Many of these simple hairstyles for curly hair have quick tutorials so you can recreate them yourself before your next holiday party. Get ready for the holidays with 15 different hairstyles that will turn heads! 


Twist Out


You can never go wrong with a trusty twist-out! Twist your hair up, let it dry (this is the most important step), and then rock your curls!


Burgundy Red Curly Hair Color

SOURCE: @aiyanasakari

Play with color this season. A gorgeous red hair color for dark skin. Bold burgundy locs are the way to go for dark red hair. This color is dark enough for long and voluminous curls.


Flexi Rods


A cute flexi rod set is a hairstyle that you can rock for any occasion. You can start on stretched hair or create this style on wet hair.


Faux Locs Bob


Goddess locs have become a very popular protective hairstyle. This bob will be sure to have your family talking at the dinner table. If are thinking of locing your hair in the future and not ready to commit, try out faux locs.


Half-Up Bun with Waves

SOURCE: @bonitarebel

The half-up hairstyle is exactly what you need. This quirky style is a cool way to switch your look as well.


Kinky Twists


Kinky twists have been around a long time! They are a very cute protective style that you can rock for any occasion.


Festive Braids


To keep your hair out of your face but still look incredible. All it takes is two dutch braids with a centre part. Take the braids to the nape of your neck and tie with hair bands. Then take a chunk of hair from underneath and wrap it around where you placed the hair band for a quirkier look! 


Halo Braid


You can never go wrong with a sleek halo braid. This is a pretty protective style that you can dress up or down. You can also add some hair jewelry to give your hair some flair!


Extra Curly Hair with Bangs

SOURCE: @iamangejose

Relaxed curly hairstyles work magic with curly bangs. Here is how to wear and cut it right: the trim should be done on dry hair only because if you cut it on wet hair, you may cut off more than you want to (wet curls tend to shrink.) When styling, pay attention to the size of curls and control that it’s the same on the length and on the bangs.


Natural Updo With a Bang


An updo is always a good option when it comes to a hairstyle for the holidays. Create this cute low bun with a side bang.


Passion Twists


This protective style has swept the world of social media like hotcakes! Everyone is trying this style, and you should too! It’s a great style for any event!


Big Bun

SOURCE: @kaykayx__

Big bun hairstyle is a solution for the cases when an upstyle is a necessary measure but you wanna look chic and stylish at the same time.


Perm Rod Set


Perm rod sets have been around since the beginning of time. A good perm rod set will have you feeling on top of the world. Remember to make sure that your hair is fully dry before removing your perm rods. This will ensure that your curls pop!



SOURCE: @curly_afro_blackgirl

A high ponytail is perfect for any occasion. Whether you need a formal updo or just wanna keep your long curly hair out of your face for an active day, a pony is a win-win effortless option.


Flat Twist and Curl


If you know how to flat twist, try out this style for your holiday party. Flat twists give you hair a ton of definition. The curls at the end help to add even more volume to your hair.


1990s Vintage Black Hair Look

SOURCE: @curly_afro_blackgirl

Space buns are a great option for the gym, for a scorching day, or just when you wanna change something in your look. Simple to get, nice to wear.


Flat twist Roller Set


If you love trying new hairstyles this is for you. This flat twist roller set will make everyone remember your beautiful hairstyle during the holidays. 


Half Crown Braid


In two minutes, give your hair a style that's sure to get compliments. This breezy look will get your hair out of your face without a full up-do. Get the tutorial here from Hair Romance.


Wand Curls


If you love trying new hairstyles this is for you. This flat twist roller set will make everyone remember your beautiful hairstyle during the holidays.


Long Faux Curly Hairstyle

SOURCE: @curlsidoadore_

It’s time to give a try to a long curly faux. Looks gorgeous, super comfortable, super unique hairstyle that is a must try this holiday season! Stand out from everyone!




Pin your afro into a mohawk to create an elegant mohawk updo. This is a very cute style that will turn heads at your next holiday party.


Sexy Loose Curls with Side Part

SOURCE: @curly_afro_blackgirl

This feature will pop up even in the most traditional and classic hairstyles for curly hair. Keep everything simple and just enjoy your female energy.


Goddess Braids


Now I know you’ve heard of goddess locs but check out these super cute triangle part goddess braids. Opt for a protective style this season that will last you through from Thanksgiving through the New year!


Curly Pixie

SOURCE: @pretinhaporquesim

A curly pixie cut will forever be one of the favorites. It allows for multiple styling options but make them easier due to the short hair length. You can wear it with defined tight curls or make it straight, add some bright color, and experiment with design on the shaved sides and back.




You can never go wrong with a trusty braid out. It’s a great timeless hairstyle that can be worn for any occasion.


Encrusted Headband and Loose Curls

SOURCE: @jenniferbehr

Holiday hairstyles can be simple and still add lots of cheer. Whether your curly hair is short or long, adding a sparkly headband is just what you need for some holiday flair (and to keep those curls out of the way while you eat a family holiday meal, of course).


Bantu Knots


 Make a bold statement with a bantu knot set this holiday season. You can keep the knots in or take them out to create a bantu knot out.


Triple Buns


 This simple style goes a long way during the holidays. Dress it up with pins, or separate loose curls for a more casual look. To begin, separate the hair into three sections to create three loose buns. Nestle the buns close together to give the appearance of one more sophisticated style.


Bobby Pin Details


Add a festive touch to pinned up hair. Thoughtfully placed bobby pins in a fun design bring sparkle and cheer to holiday style.


Oversized Bun


Sweeping your hair up gives it plenty of attention while still letting other features shine. Show off your neckline or play up dazzling earrings. For the style, pull curls up and secure in a large knot on your crown, letting loose curls hang. 


Inside-Out Ponytail Updo


Three stacking ponytails flip to create this elegant updo. Tuck in the bottom, add some pins, and every curl is in place. Get the tutorial here.


Bow Bun

This is a super stylish look that will make everyone turn heads. Create a bow-style bun at the top of your curly hair. It is a youthful and trendy look.


Short Afro Hair

SOURCE: @hiikusshair

An elegant and easy hairstyle for this holiday! Add some makeups and glamorous jewelries then your ready to go and slay your afro look!



What style will you try this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!

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