Mango Butter for Curly Natural Hair - 🥭️INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHT🥭️


As with most natural fruits, the seed has just as many benefits as the flesh. The mango seed can be formed into a powder, oil, or butter, depending on how it’s processed. Typically, the butter is cold-pressed from the seeds and is said to be similar to cocoa and shea butter, in that it’s moisturizing without being greasy.

The Benefits of Mango Butter for your Curls.

1) Add Shines to your Hair. 

2) Mango butter is an emollient and moisturizer and has a high content of fatty acids (this helps keep your skin moisturized and promotes cell regeneration)

3) Mango butter instantly nourishes and hydrates the hair, this will promote softer, healthier hair when using it on a regular basis.

4) Mango butter is great at reducing symptoms such as dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis by regenerating healthy cells through its moisture-rich and healing properties.

5) Mango butter can be extremely helpful for healthy hair growth by restoring elasticity to the hair strands, meaning less breakage.

6) Mango butter is great to use as a sealant, to protect the hair and lock in moisture after using water-based products.

 7)This natural butter also helps shield against harmful UV rays protecting both the hair and scalp from potential sun damage, making it an extremely effective sunscreen for the hair.


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