Meet Our Founder & CEO

Hi my name is Vanessa Mejia, founder and CEO of Royalty Curls Hair Care.
Growing up it was always difficult to find hair products that would work for my curly natural hair. Being a kid there was not many hair products that catered to curly or natural hair. I remember asking my dad to relax my hair all the time as a pre-teen in middle school, being that the majority of people around me either had strait hair or relaxed hair. I did not feel confident enough to rock my natural curls. I remember being a teenager keeping my hair in a bun 50% of the time or straitening and burning it for years. It wasn't until I had my son in 2014 did I truly embrace my natural hair and gave it a chance to reach its full potential.
Over the years of experimenting with the newest hair care brands, products, and styles at the time, it was still difficult to always find products that would work for my curly hair. I created Royalty Curls because I was tired of spending money on hair products that I wasn't sure would work for my hair. 
I thought to myself, why not make my own hair products and teach other people how to care for their own curls along the way! 
From our Subscription box Curly Queen Kit - Royalty Curls was born! 
Royalty Curls is a natural hair care line that has high quality ingredients in all of its products. We strive to bring the curly community paraben free, silicone & sulfate free hair care products. 
Royalty Curls was created from the heart and has so much to bring to the natural hair community and I can't wait for you to try out the product for yourself. Use Royalty Curls hair products and show of your defined, moisturized, voluminous crown of curls! 
xoxo , Vanessa Mejia
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